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Jerry helps Lawyers address their issues & be successful, fulfilled, and happy

Lawyers spend their lives addressing and fixing other peoples’ issues and problems while often neglecting their own. They too often put their own issues and problems “at the bottom of the stack.”

Jerry helps Lawyers address their issues.

If after all the schooling, networking, climbing the law firm ladder or setting up your own practice, you have asked yourself:  “Am I doing as well as I could?”, “Where did my passion go?”, or, “How can I reduce the stress?” or even, “What am I doing with my life?” Jerry would like to hear from you.

Jerry has walked in your shoes. He has been a member of the California Bar for 54 years, and has practiced law for 39 of those years (1961-2000) as a Litigator, then as a Business Transactional Lawyer.  Since 2000 he has been a full-time coach, mentor and advisor to other Lawyers. He has worked with countless Lawyers to help them be successful in their practices, find happiness in their work and achieve balance in their professional and personal lives.


Years in Practice

Years as a Full-Time Coach/Mentor/Advisor to Lawyers

Years as a Member of the Bar

It does not matter if you are a Solo Practitioner or part of a Big Firm, many Lawyers face common issues, such as:

• ineffectiveness, inefficiency and/or disorganization;
• feeling stressed or out of control;
• loss of passion for their work;
• no time for a personal life;

…and you could, possibly, add a few issues of your own.

Many Lawyers do not want to discuss these problems with colleagues and do not know how to deal with them alone; so, they go unresolved and only get worse. That is why Jerry became a Coach – – because Lawyers need to be able to talk to someone who is experienced, objective, and has been in practice for as many, if not more, years than they have practiced law.  If it sounds like this is you, contact Jerry.  He may be able to be of help by:

• improving the way you practice law;
• getting control of your workload;
• enhancing your profitability;
• identifying your long-term goals;
• helping you to attain career satisfaction and fulfillment;
• enjoying more time away from the office; and,
• bring more fun and happiness into your life.

Jerry works with Lawyers all over the country both in person and by phone or Skype.  His office wall is filled with letters of appreciation from Lawyers whom he has helped.  He considers his work of helping other Lawyers his legacy; his way of giving back to a profession that had been so good to him.