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Helping lawyers become successful and happy

Helping Lawyers to be SUCCESSFUL in their Practice, and Happy in their work.

Jerome M. (Jerry) Bame comes from a very “legalistic” family.  His father was a Lawyer and Judge for more than 50 years.  His uncle was the Senior Partner of a Law Firm.  His cousins were Lawyers, niece is a Lawyer, nephew is a Court Magistrate, and another cousin is a sitting Federal Judge.

About Jerry Bame

Jerry obtained his undergraduate and law degrees from The Ohio State University. He went on to obtain a MBA from the University of California at Los Angeles.

He has been a member of the California Bar for 54 years and practiced law for the first 39 of those years, first as a Litigator and then as a Business Transactional Lawyer.  He concluded his law practice in the year 2000 and, although he could have retired, he knew he would not be able to retire “mentally.” More importantly,  he wanted to continue working to be meaningful, challenged and involved.

While Jerry was practicing law he was a member of the Client Relations Committee of his local Bar Association – – the committee that investigates complaints against Lawyers. For several years, Jerry investigated local Lawyers for disciplinary purposes. He was struck by the fact that many of the Lawyers he was assigned to investigate were either (a) not successful in their law practice, or (b) not happy practicing law, or, (c) BOTH.

All of this led to Jerry becoming a full-time coach, mentor and advisor to other Lawyers. He helps Lawyers address the many issues confronting them in their legal careers and daily practice so they can become SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY, as Lawyers.

This is what Jerry does to this day with Lawyers all across this country.  He considers this work (his “second career”) to be his legacy and as a means of giving back to a profession that was so very good to him.