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11-10-11 Best and Worst

A famous baseball Umpire was once asked, "What is the best part of your work as a baseball Umpire, and the worst?"

He thought for a moment, and then answered, "The best part is that I thoroughly enjoy what I do for a living.  It's not "work."  I can't wait for my next game.  When I'm behind Home Plate, every part of my being feels alive.  I live for those few hours each game."

Then he said, "The worst part is that I get hit by a ball every now and then."

Each of us, if asked, could answer that same questions about the work we do.  Each one of us could articulate the "best part" and the "worst part" of what we do for a living.

But, unlike a baseball Umpire who wears protective body armor (a face mask and heavy chest padding), many lawyers do not have – or have not developed – the necessary "armor" to ward off the "balls" that hit us every now and then.  And, when we get "hit," bad things may occur – – such as we get discouraged, question their choice of careers, denouce the profession, or even abuse alcohol or drugs.

There is no line of work where every day is a "perfect day."  We all get "it by a ball" every now and then.  Some lawyers look at that as a challenge and relish the fact that those "balls" just bounce off of them like "water off the back of a duck."  Other lawyers, however, do not handle such incidents as well.

No baseball Umpire would ever consider going into a game without their protective gear.  Lawyers must do the same.  Although, admittedly, this is earier said then done.

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